A look at Nerdearla 2021

During our 8th edition we had 4 days of conferences with 200+ speakers and 14 hosts in two live locations.
Over 40,000+ people registered and 25,000+ were active participants.

Distinguished speakers

Over the event’s 8-year history, we’ve had close to 1,000 speakers on our stages. Here we present a selection from the last two editions.

Vint Cerf

The creator of the Internet shares its origins and the current status of the Interplanetary Internet Project.

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Alan Kay

Alan Kay

Father of OOP and the laptop reflects on where really good ideas come from and how we can start generating more.

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Brian Kernighan

We’ll dive into the history of the UNIX revolution, how it started, how it grew, and the impact it has had on humanity.

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Bjarne Stroustrup

Author of the C++ programming language walks us through its fundamental pillars and twenty years of evolution.

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Deb Goodkin

Executive Director of the FreeBSD Foundation talks about the project’s unique community and collaboration culture.

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Ali Spittel

As IT professionals we are constantly learning new things. In this talk Ali will guide us through teaching others.

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Milecia McGregor

Milecia McGregor started Flipped Coding in 2017 to help people learn web development with real-world projects.

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John Romero

We had a live fireside chat with John Romero, co-creator of legendary videogames such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

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Jon ‘maddog’ Hall

“The ten reasons I do not use Free Software, and the ten reasons why those ten
reasons are false.”

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Cory Doctorow

Writer and journalist Cory Doctorow presents his latest white paper: Privacy
Without Monopoly.

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Claire Charles

At only 12 years old, Nerdearla’s youngest speaker ever, encourages attendees to contribute to Open Source.

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Allie Mellen

Security expert Allie Mellen presents evidence of cyber warfare during elections and how governments fought back.

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About Nerdearla

Nerdearla was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014 with an audience of 60, and grew to 3,600 attendees by 2019 before we switched to an online format in 2020.

Our latest edition featured over 200 speakers and over 40,000 registered participants across the world.

We are already planning the 2022 events so stay tuned for more info!

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