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At nerdear.la the idea is to learn, have fun and meet more people like you. They don’t care what OS you are running, they don’t care if you can code or not, and they don’t even care about your experience. This is a three-day event where you can come and: seek help for issues (and help others), attend to talks and workshops, share what you are working on, meet awesome people, play multiplayer games


Centro Cultural Kónex
City of Buenos Aires, Argentina


October 17 – 19

2018: Squeezing data out of tiles

Diego Golombek

When we study biological time, we can collect information available in society, through searching databases or surveys designed to interest the public. With this we can study our clocks, our times and evaluate the most popular or most appropriate hours for different tasks and behaviors.

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2018: Resume Processing with Machine Learning

Mariana Taglio

In HR, CVs play a fundamental role in obtaining information about profiles. Motivation: present how ML and NLP tools can be used to classify documents according to their language and extract the relevant data.

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2018: Demystifying Networking in Kubernetes

Pablo Fredrikson

Pods, kube-proxy, services, ingress, flannel what is all this? how does it work? When you create your own Kubernetes cluster, you expect this magic to solve all possible network environments. How does this magic work?

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2018: Tissue engineering

Florencia Montini Ballarín

Cardiovascular diseases remain today the leading cause of death worldwide. To combat this problem, vascular tissue engineering appears as a promising strategy. In this presentation we will see a mechanical approach that is believed to be the right way to achieve successful grafts.

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We made it to the Kónex!

Sarmiento 3131
City of Buenos Aires,

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