Nerdearla 101, in 2021

The first Nerdearla 101 had 40 talks and workshops and over 5,000 live attendees.

Nerdearla 9th edition starts in

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Our goal is that at Nerdearla you can learn languages, platforms and paradigms that will help you advance in your professional career.

You will also find a community that will give you support and help you grow.

We are joined by top-level companies that make it possible for the event to be 100% free and many of which are hiring. During the event you will be able to learn more about them and their job offers!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Oct 19-22!

Hybrid Event

As in 2020 and 2021, we are continuing the online format so that everyone can participate in the talks, workshops and activities from home.

This year we added a small in-person event and, following protocol, we will have limited capacity for 300 participants. For tickets, those who are taking their first steps in IT and/or traveling to Buenos Aires to participate in this second edition of Nerdearla 101 will have priority.

Our next event will have capacity for more than 5,000 people! So if you can’t join us in August, we’ll be waiting for you from October 19 to 22 at the 9th edition of Nerdearla, at the Konex.

Preregistration for Nerdearla 9th edition

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