General info

Through this code of conduct and coexistence we set out to establish the framework from which we lay the foundations of old.nerdear.la.
The main objective of the event is to create a collaborative exchange space where we can have fun, learn and share problems and knowledge.

We rely on diversity as a fundamental ethical principle of any exchange

We join the efforts to retrace the paths of discrimination, exclusion and condemnation of minorities who suffered and suffer more difficulty to exercise freely and with equal opportunities their full competencies, capacities and potentialities.

It is our spirit to foster an environment free of discrimination

We are aware of the multiple crossings that interfere with the achievement of this maximum objective, which is why we believe it is our active work and that of the whole community to be involved in this challenge.

We hope that sponsors, speakers, organization and all the people attending the event respect the following principles of participation and collaboration:

Maintain, at all times, a friendly and respectful dialogue that encourages the best version of the exchange possible.

Respect diversity in all its forms: cultural, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, age, professional, religious, ideological perspectives, etc.

Do not discriminate, exclude, harass or exercise acts that in any way undermine the dignity of people.

Take responsibility for the shared space taking care of it.

Refrain from presenting material, images or activities whose content may damage, diminish or objectify people or groups.

contact the organization

If you are seeing and/or experiencing that these principles are not being respected contact the organization. (during the event we will provide a telephone number), who will guarantee the necessary care.

In the face of harassment, discrimination or aggression behaviors, they are expected to cease immediately. Depending on the case, the sanction, expulsion and/or review of the permanence in future community events will proceed.

We hope to count with the active cooperation of each participant to generate an enriching and virtuous space that accompanies these policies to make old.nerdear.la a heterogeneous, multiple, friendly and inclusive meeting place.

En caso de estar viendo y/o vivenciando que no se está respetando el espíritu del evento contactate con la organización. para generar un espacio cada vez más solidario.


This code of conduct was developed by DiG Encuentros and is available for use in free events,
under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.