maddog invites your manager to

Does your manager say that giving you two free days in a week is too much? Perhaps we can't make them change their mind. But surely maddog can.

At the idea is to learn, have fun and meet more people like you. We don’t care what OS you are running, we don’t care if you can code or not, and we don't even care about your experience. This is a three-day event where you can come and:

  • Seek help for issues (and help others)
  • Attend to talks and workshops
  • Share what you are working on
  • Meet awesome people
  • Play multiplayer games

And the best part: the event is free. Register now!


Day 1 - Thu, June 22 - Workshops





J.P. Morgan

Coffee Break - Thanks to J.P. Morgan!




Coffee break




Day 2 - Fri, June 23 - Tech Talks

Day 3 - Sat, June 24 - Nerd Talks

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Hardware donation

OLX, Uber and Museo de la Informática invite you to bring your old hardware to the event, from 9am to 4pm.
When registering, mark the hardware donation checkbox to receive a special gift!

Schools and NGOs

  • PCs, netbooks or laptops from 2010 or later
  • USB printers or scanners
  • Mouses and keyboards
  • LCD/LED monitors
  • Networking hardware (cables, switches, routers, etc)
* Should be in working condition.

Computer museum

  • Any PC older than 1990 (IBM, Compaq,etc)
  • Any Apple device
  • Any peripheral device
  • Any laptop device
  • Cellphones, audio and calculators
  • Working TV screens
  • Any artifact or device that could be of interest to a museum

DO NOT bring

  • PC clones, Pentium I, II, III or IV
  • CRT monitors
  • Broken laser printers
  • Any broken or damaged device or parts
  • Scrap or electronic waste